Final Set of pictures from Cumberland Island, Ga. Ruined mansions. Wild Horses. Ivy.

For comparison, here is a photograph of Dungeness from 1958.

Dungeness "backyard" complete with fountain and marsh view

Same place, this year:

Dungeness 2011

The mansion was built in1884, now well over a century later the place is in ruins.

Now, to see the two superimposed, Click here!


" Currently about 150 horses live on the island, and without any significant predators, the population is growing."

Wild Horses.

horse of a different color

"The horses eat sea oats and beach grasses that are scarce to begin with, and are critical to preventing dune erosion. They also tend to trample delicate foliage in the marshy areas."

gate to dungeness

Entrance to Dungeness

iron gate

Iron Gate and Ivy-covered Stucco Wall

stairway to heaven
I call this: “stairway to heaven”

“Room with a view”

room with a view

Quite a few for some dead folks.


My lovely bestfriend on the beach! Fact of life: Redhead + Beach = Mermaid.

Oh, and a crazy cat:


Crazy Eyes.

xo B


I left my precious camera back in Georgia, and my mom had to ship it back to me. So, here is part two of the shots from my visit to LINK: Cumberland Island!


beach this way
It took a lot of willpower (and the fact that it was securely fixed in the ground) to keep me from grabbing this awesome beach sign.

in flight

I will admit to scaring these birds from their rest for an “in flight” shot.

bird in flight
One of my very favorite shots from the day. This seagull stopped by to snack on a discarded apple and then promptly flew away.


pile of rocks

The Cumberland Island Jetty has always fascinated me. LINK: Here’s an aerial view. It was created to stop erosion, and now it is creating erosion on the island south of it (Amelia). (This fun fact about the sand sharing system is just about the only thing I remember from Oceanography class :]).


xo B



I’m all at sea.

Visited Cumberland Island today. I’m blistered, burnt, and battered, and it was totally worth it. I only wish I had gotten pictures of the beached whale. (Apparently it was headless and partially rotted.)

life saver

Life Saver (not the cherry kind)
all at sea

Birds in flight

water fountain 2This water fountain (bird bath? I’m not sure.) is on the side of the oldest building on the island, which was built in the 1800s.

circles of rustRusted car part. Don’t ask me what part.

xo B

Sunday drive with my favorite model! It’s nice to be chauffeured, even if she accidentally revs my engine.

sunday driver

On a drive

out for a drive
Windows down. Only way to go.

drivers 2
“Really? Really.”

The excitement started to wear off.

Oh! And a little bug….
Tiny bug2

xo B

Man, I have a thing for dogwoods. And, they are in full bloom all over Tallahassee.It seems like one night all the dogwoods bloomed and now they’re e v e r y w h e r e. Bus stops, parking lots, front yards, back yards, schools. And I have the dogwood fever.

Dogwood I may or may not have searched around for the most perfect dogwood I could find.

dogwood bloom

I think the only thing I’ll love more than all the blooms is when the flowers fall and it looks like snow!

dogwood branchLook how happy the little flowers are! Sigh.


xo B


Visited my favorite Tallahassee tree again.

cottage in the woods

I think hobbits might live here.

berries tooI know it’s way too warm for pictures of red berries, but I can’t help myself!


These were just e v e r y w h e r e, and I couldn’t help but capture a few!

beauty in the breakdownI can’t figure out if these are leaves or dead flowers.

xo B

Happy Friday!

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